Selected Externally Funded Research Projects

  1. Evaluating Options for Reusing Sorted Construction Waste Generated from Building Sites, General Research Fund $456,000, Jun 2007 – Jun 2009.
  2. Enhancing the Durability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. $2,000,000, Jan 2009 to Dec 2010. 
  3. A Study of Durability of the Adhesive Bonding System within Externally Bonded CFRP Laminates to Concrete Using Full-field Nondestructive, Non-contact and Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT), General Research Fund $431,000, Jan 2009 – Jun 2011.
  4. Recycling of CRT Glass from Discarded Computer Monitors and TV Sets, Environment and Conservation Fund $380,000, Aug 2009 – Feb 2011.
  5. Quantitative Analysis of External Wall Debond using Noncontact and Nondestructive Infrared Thermography, Innovation and Technology Fund $980,000, Nov 2011 to April 2013
  6. Utilizing Recycled Waste Glass in Architectural Mortar with Self-cleaning and Anti-bacterial Function, Environment and Conservation Fund, $782,900, Jan 2012 – Jun 2013
  7. Feasibility of Utilizing Sewage Sludge Incinerator Ash for Concrete Blocks Production, Environment and Conservation Fund, $792,040, April 2013 – April 2015
  8. Impact of Government Policy on the Use of Prefabrication and Associated Waste Reduction Levels in High-rise Building Construction in Hong Kong, GRF, $500,000. Sept 2013 – Aug 2015 (Co-I)
  9. Recycling Timber and Bamboo Construction Waste into Activated Carbons and Wood-Plastic Composites, Construction Industry Institute/PolyU Innovation Fund, $300,000, May 2013-April 2015 (Co-I)
  10. Sustainable Land Decontamination Methods for Application in Land Development Project, Collaborative project funded by CEDD, $466,000, Jan 2014- Feb 2015, PI of sub-project 
  11. Study on Key Technology of Reusing Construction and Demolition Waste, ITF Tier 2, $2,000,000, Feb 2014 to Feb 2016
  12. Recycling Used Timber Formwork into Lightweight, Thermal-insulating Cement-bonded Particleboards, CIC, HK$1,192,320 May 2014 to April 2016 (Co-I)
  13. Feasibility of extraction of phosphate from sewage sludge ash after incineration, GRF, 2014 -2018, HK$692,894
  14. Hong Kong Branch of Chines National Engineering Research Center for Steel Structures – PI of sub-topic : Localized Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures, ITF/PolyU, 2016- 2019: HK$2,500,000. 
  15. Advanced Dispersion Technology of Nanoparticles for Ultra-durable Concrete: ITF-NAMI, 2016-2017: HK$902,750
  16. Development of a Novel Way to Maximize the Use of Waste Glass in Precast Alkali Activated Cement Mortar/Concrete, ECF, 2017-2019, HK$1,080,920.
  17. Effects of Degree of Accelerated Carbonation of Recycled Aggregates on the Macro- and Micro-Structural Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete, GRF, 2018-2012, HK$582,000.
  18. Cementless Production of Lightweight Aggregates from Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) and Concrete Slurry Waste (CSW), ITF-Tier 2, 2018-2020, HK$1,693,950.
  19. Sustainable Marine Infrastructure Enabled by the Innovative Use of Seawater Sea-Sand Concrete and Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites (Co-PI). RGC Theme Based Research Scheme, 2019-2024, HK$52M.
  20. Water Permeable Precast Plank by Recycled Materials, ITF (NAMI), 2018-2020, HK$500,000. 
  21. Fundamental Study on Turning of Incineration Sewage Sludge Ash (ISSA) and Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediment from Rivers or Coastal Areas as Low-carbon and Eco-friendly Construction Materials, NSFC/RGC, 2019-2023, $1.1M

Selected Recent Consultancy Projects

  1. Study on Expected Useful Life of Housing Authority Buildings completed after 1987, Hong Kong Housing Authority, July 2009 – June 2010, $1,200,000
  2. Feasibility of Using Sludge Ash as Alternate Construction Materials, Sita Waste Services Ltd, Feb to May 2010, $100,000
  3. Study on the Durability Properties of Concrete tiles/Paints Interfacial Bonds of GGBS Concrete, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Aug 2010 – Dec 2011, $200,000
  4. Study on Effectiveness of Heat Insulation of Double Wall and Noise Reduction of Double Slabs, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Jan 2011 to Dec 2011, $400,000
  5. Collaboration Research on the Use of Recycled Sub-base, Highways Department, March 2012 – Oct 2012, $420,000
  6. Feasibility of Reutilizing Textile Wastewater Sludge at Esquel’s Goaming Plant in Eco-blocks, Esquel Enterprises Ltd, June 2012 – Dec 2012, $200,000.
  7. Collaboration Study on Application of Self-compacting materials for Trench backfilling in Hong Kong, Highways Department, Oct 2013 – Dec 2015, $1,419,000
  8. Study on the Compatibility of Using GGBS and OPC Concrete in Construction of Semi-Precast Slab, Hong Kong Housing Authority, April 2014 – Sept 2014, $350,000.
  9. Recycling of Wood Waste, Greenway Building Materials Ltd, April 2014 – Sept 2014, $100,000.
  10. Development and Characterization of Fire Resistant High Strength Concrete, NAMI, March 2016 to Dec 2016, $400,000.
  11. Provision of Consultancy Services on the Strategy for Management and Reduction of Construction and Demolition Waste in Hong Kong for the Construction Industry Council, Construction Industry Council, May 2016 to January 2017, HK$1,105,000.
  12. Provision of Services for the Study on Enhancing the Application of Local Recycled Glass Cullet in Production of Concrete Paving Blocks, Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR, July 2016 to May 2017, HK$1,380,000.
  13. Review on Construction Waste Sorting Facilities (CWSFs), Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR, August 2016 to December 2017, HK$800,000.
  14. Site Trials of Eco-shoreline on Seawalls at Sai Kung, Lung Kwu Tan and Ma Liu Shui – Feasibility Study on Development of Local Eco-tiles, 2018-2011, CEDD via HKU, HK$600,000.,